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Meadow Farm Cattery

The Perfect Choice

Our double cat chalets have been built to our requirements by Pedigree Pens and provide the perfect place for your cat to enjoy it's holiday while you enjoy yours.

Each chalet provides:

  • Bright and spacious accommodation (each being suitable for up to 2 cats with family pens for up to 5 cats)
  • Thermostatically controlled heating in the colder weather
  • Bedroom area, lockable for privacy with cat flap through to exercise area
  • Raised sleeping area with choice of bedding (own blanket can be brought, if you prefer)
  • Inside shelf to sit and view the birds outside
  • Covered exercise area overlooking the garden
  • Climbing frames and toys for exercise and interest
  • Toughened glass separating each chalet to ensure that no contact can take place but your cat will be able, if he/she wants, to see their neighbours 

The Upvc construction makes the pens easy to clean and resistant to disease. They are also fire retardant. Each exercise run opens onto a lockable safety corridor.